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Rainier Homecare is committed to providing specialized care

designed to provide a broad range of in-home health care

services. Providing care in your patient’s home lowers the

likelihood of hospitalization readmissions, reduces the risk of

infection, reduces travel woes, and improves the overall quality of

life of the patient.



Rainier Homecare services are provided by an

interdisciplinary team of compassionate professionals. Our core

team includes home-visiting physicians, skilled nurses, clinical

social workers, respiratory therapists, speech therapy, and

home health aides. We also offer occupational therapy, dietary

consultation, and physical therapy.



Rainier Homecare provides quality  and compassionate care in the comfort of home.Rainier Homecare is not a place, but a concept of care that can be provided wherever the patient considers home.  Our CHAP accreditation demonstrates that Rainier Homecare meets the industry's highest nationally recognized standards by the Community Health Accreditation Program.

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Rainier Homecare

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